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SAMPLIT for Mac OS 1.3

OS Support:

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later


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October 19 2008


SAMPLIT for Mac OS 1.3


Makes cloning musical instruments faster and easier than ever. Everything you need is included: automated recording, naming, truncating, compression, normalization, looping, re-sampling and even playing.

- Mac Native (OSX)
- 9 different sampler formats
- Intuitive user interface
- High quality audio drivers
- Advance Looping (Auto-Loop)
- Instrument Design
- Integrated Player

Trusted by professionals, SAMPLIT was the tool used to record the famous Bosendorfer Piano, included in the MOTU MachFive standard library.

- New format supported: Export directly to Digidesign Structure
- The Auto-Loops feature is now accessible from the main window
- Manual mode for recording real instruments. After each recording, Samplit will ask you if you want to keep the sample or delete it and re-record it.
- New user-friendly, tabbed Project Settings interface makes defining all your parameters easier than ever

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