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SaveHollywood for Mac OS 1.9

OS Support:

Mac OS X 10.4 or later


Publisher Old version


October 16 2009


SaveHollywood for Mac OS 1.9


This screensaver allows you to display QuickTime Movies as a screensaver.

- You can either select a file or a directory to watch. If you select a file, the movie will loop. If you select a directory, files within this directory will be played sequentially.
- You can also select multiple files and/or directories.
- You can display a Movie in its actual size or make it sized to the screen (with or without a border).
- You can make the Movie be mute (for the safety of your neighbors for instance).
- You can choose the color of the background.
- You can play the movie on the main screen only (if you’re lucky enough to have multiple monitors).
- It’s now possible again to quit the screen saver with a mouse move or a key press.
- Use tool tips to display the full path of movies in the list.
- Updated Plus and Minus buttons.

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