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Schreibchen for Mac OS 1.0.1

OS Support:

Mac OS X 10.5 or later


Publisher Old version


October 11 2008


Schreibchen for Mac OS 1.0.1


I wrote Schreibchen because one owner of Schreiben asked me if there is a ‘simple version of Schreiben available that his disabled sister could also use. In fact she needed a version with bigger and less buttons and this buttons should be easier to reach and to hit and the GUI should be also simplified.

So I hope I could build an application that can be used from more ‘disabled persons, children and other peoples that could not use (or like) other word-processors / text-editors… To make Schreibchen a better peace of software for that purpose I need your feedback! So feel free to write us your feedback and wishes and you can also ask for customized versions that can fit your needs (as a school or association). We can also build versions in your language if needed…

With Schreibchen you can also open and write the new .docx format and documents for use with OpenOffice and if needed export your files into a .doc file with images… You can also use a FulllscreenView and the Snippets can be dropped into a document by just dragging them out of the ‘Snippets Window and you can higlight text if needed… Please notice that Schreibchen[demo] can be used without any time restrictions but it supports only one file format. With the full version you can open and write a lot more.You can install the full version on any private Mac you own and for schools and associations you can request a volume-license…

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