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Science Girls! for Mac OS 1.2.17

OS Support:

Mac OS X 10.4 or later


Publisher Old version


October 2 2010


Science Girls! for Mac OS 1.2.17


Are you tired of epic plots and just want to kick some alien butt while wearing a short skirt? Well, now’s your chance, because aliens have invaded your school and driven off the teachers (the cowards!). Clean out your school, then fight your way through the alien world in this light RPG.

- Fun, light-hearted storyline.
- Three difficulty levels to make it a pleasant playthrough whether you’re looking for old-school challenge or a modern casual cakewalk.
- Save anywhere - no need to hunt through the map for save points.
- Swap active combat characters at any time.
- Use level-up points to customize character powers.
- Also available for Linux and Windows.
- The battlefield graphics have been improved, and now vary to reflect the terrain in both the school and the alien world.
- Some areas of the alien world maps have been polished.
- Combat graphics have been improved. A walking animation has been added to the world map.
- A bug that would occasionally redirect mouse movement to the wrong location has been fixed, as has an occasional crash that manifested when fighting the Grex.
- Some minor bugs have also been fixed.

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