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EZ-Mixer 1.0

OS Support:

Mac OS 9


Publisher Old version


May 14 2009


EZ-Mixer 1.0


EZ-Mixer is a new kind of multifunctional MP3 player/encoder tools.

eZ-Mixer™ is a new kind of multifunctional MP3 Player/encoder and live remixing tool which emulates a two tracks DJ Mixer with all the necessary features to produce a compilation or a live remix, like a DJ in a club.

Make MP3 remixes and compilations
It doesn't only play and encode MP3s but supports the import/export of a multitude of other audio formats including Wav, Aiff, QDesign™, QuickTime™, etc... and direct song ripping from audio CDs.

MP3 live remixing
The live-remixing enviroment include everything used by a DJ during a live-performance like: song position controls with loop and marker points, manual and automatic cross-fades, BPM determination and adapting to match different song tempos, pitch/tempo control on each track, master, pan, bass and treble controls, and also single sample triggering using the keyboard. It also offers pre-monitoring on a single audio card or separate output support with multiple audio cards.

Create compilations easily
EZ-Mixer™ allows, in compilation mode, to organize 4 play-lists with 25 songs each for a total of 100 songs per session. Compilations can be exported as separate files (Batch mode) or as a unique mix, including time and position selectable cross-fades.

Comes with tons of tracks and samples!
EZ-Mixer™ also comes with 10 ready-to-be-mixed, royalty free, dance tracks of Techno, Trance, House, D'n'B, Hip-Hop and hundreds of sample hits.


MP3 player/encoder/live remixing tool

Supports the import/export of multiple audio formats including MP3, Wav, Aiff, QDesign™, QuickTime™, etc...
Supports song ripping from audio CDs (Mac only)

2 tracks DJ remixing environment

Loop and marker points

Automatic or manual cross fades

BPM determination/adapting to match different song tempos

Separate pitch/tempo control on each track

Master, volume, pan, bass and treble controls

Sample triggering using the keyboard

Pre-monitoring on a single audio card.

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