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Scala for Unix 2.7.7

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Mac OS X/Unix


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November 4 2009


Scala for Unix 2.7.7


Designed to common programming.

Requirements: Java Virtual Machine 1.4 or higher

Scala final includes fixes and refactorings for the Actors Library, improvements to the Scala IDE for Eclipse, as well as additional bug fixes

* A fix for an issue in the Actors library that could lead to problematic growth of the underlying thread pool. The old FJTaskRunner was replaced with a backport of ThreadPoolExecutor. Intermittent termination of the thread pool is handled more gracefully.
* A fix for issue #2380, which was causing problems to some users of the Scala IDE for Eclipse running on a 1.5 VM.
* An AJDT compatibility fix addressing ticket #2327, related to the installation of the Scala IDE for Eclipse.
* A fix for issue #2392, "Finally clauses don't work correctly if they throw an exception".
* An improved fix for bugs #715, #1896, #1930 (problem with pickler/unpickler), addressing a problem with the Lift framework.
* A fix for issue #1535 (problem with inherited lazy val).
* A fix for the IzPack uninstaller issue #1433, which may cause some empty subdirectories to be erroneously purged from the installation directory on *nix systems (Windows systems are not affected).
* Support for automatic privilege elevation on Vista and Windows 7 for the installer, and other minor improvements.

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