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Schnitz Remote Lite 1.1

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Mac OS X


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November 11 2008


Schnitz Remote Lite 1.1


Schnitz Remote Lite allows you to connect to a computer of your specification.

Requirements: For Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

BS Editor: Schnitz Remote is a program written by Tom Owad, owner of Schnitz Technology. When a customer with Schnitz Remote installed needs help, they open the application, click "Connect", and their desktop then appears in a window on my screen, allowing me to control the cursor, type, and often fix the problem within minutes.
Since Schnitz Remote initiates the connection, it is not blocked by most firewalls and requires no special network configuration. Schnitz Remote has been successfully tested on numerous business, home, and university networks.

Schnitz Remote Lite is a free version of Schnitz Remote that allows you to connect to a computer of your specification. To use it, launch the application, enter The IP address or domain name of your listening station, and click connect. The listening station must be running a VNC client, such as Chicken of the VNC, version 2.0b4 or later, and set to listen for incoming connections on port 5500 (Default). When the Schnitz Remote Lite user clicks connect, their screen will appear in a window on the listening station.

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